Thursday, March 30, 2017

Black Sheep by Mason Macrae

Dave McCabe rides into town to avenge his father's bushwacking.  He's changed his name, hasn't been there for years, and intends to nose around a bit and see if he can find the killer.  Instead, he wanders into a town torn apart by a rich man who used to be his father's partner who wants to maintain the land he owns and uses and a man who is trying to run a rail line through a section of his property.  It gets even more tense when the railroad man brings in part of his sheep to graze on the free land.  Cattle men hate sheep.  They leave nothing for cows to eat...

Pioneering Press let me read this book for review (thank you).  You can grab a copy now.

The sheriff gets shot, so they appoint McCabe as the new one.  It's like wearing a bullseye, more than one person tries to kill him.  He tries to negotiate with Mallory and Bassett but no one wants to compromise.  Then one of Mallory's twin girls accuses him of a crime after her rescue from kidnappers and he's got more trouble.  Especially since she intends to kill him since he killed the man she was interested in.

There's plenty of action, plenty of gunfire, and even a woman playing a man's role in this story.  It's a classic old western story that still holds its own in this day and time.  I enjoyed it.

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