Friday, March 3, 2017

The Bounty Hunters (The Bounty Hunter Series Book 1) by Martyn C Marais

He was only planning a short visit to town until he found out there were two men there that had wanted posters on them.  When he was checking out the town, he finds a man he knows in the bar.  He's another bounty hunter.  But he's not after the men he is.  So who is he here for?

Pioneering Press sent a copy of this ebook to read for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can grab a copy now.

You don't last as a bounty hunter if you're not smart and or if you're slow with your gun.  Tidy is fast, both with his guns and his thoughts.  But having a rival bounty hunter in town is not a good thing.  Neither one is sharing information with the other.

When Tidy finds out a whore has been beaten up by a cowboy, he goes to visit.  By listening to her and being sympathetic, he finds who he's looking for and where they live.  He doesn't have to go to them, though.  They come to town.  When he insults the older brother, it turns into a gunfight.  He wins and collects the reward.  While he's cashing the chit the sheriff gave him, he notices a man checking out the bank.  His instincts tell him he's casing it out.

When he gets the other bounty hunter drunk, he checks his saddle bags and finds the wanted posters he's carrying.  One of them is the man he saw in the bank.

A gang is coming to town but they will be short one member when they arrive.  Tidy is off on another hunt and the drunk bounty hunter is going to have his hands full.  The story will be continued in the next book.

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