Friday, January 8, 2016

The Killing Forest by Sara Blaedel

Sune is excited.  He's finally turning fifteen and is old enough to be initiated into the inner circle of men in his town.  They'll be blood brothers and they keep their secrets forever.  When they want him to become a man by laying with a prostitute, he refuses and runs.  They'll be after him for that but it gets even worse when all the men gang rape her and she dies.  They just bury her and go on with their lives.  Sune keeps hiding...

Grand Central Publishing and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  The book is being published February 2nd.  If you missed the first in this series, you should read The Forgotten Girls.  It will help in understanding this story.

This author always scares me with her stories.  They are deadly and mean but they are also real.  This group of men follow the old laws and traditions and explain the murders they do by saying it's a blood right and part of their code.  To me, it's because they are mean, sadistic bullies and they do whatever makes them feel good.

I feel for Louise.  She's back in her hometown area searching for the missing boy and then working on the murders she finds.  She remembers the death of her husband vividly, despite trying to forget it.  As she investigates this secret society she also finds out secrets from the past as well as the present that make her angry and sad.  She has a lot to deal with.

It takes Louise's special skills to unweave the spider web and get to the truth of the matter.  When she finds it, she's no happier.  The only good news is that it's over.  I'm glad she has a cop boyfriend who can help her deal with the truth she's found.  Everybody needs a friend at bad times.

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