Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lady Pendragon Volume 1 by Matt Hawkins Art By: Ron Adrian, Hector Gomez, John Stinsma

Have you ever seen the movie Camelot?  Maybe you're read about Sir Arthur and the Knight's Round Table?  If not, this graphic novel will fill you in on some of the plot of that story.  If you did, you won't recognize the women.  They're all long, lean, and full of vigor.  The warrior women in this story are all beautiful and partially clad.

Image Comics let me read this graphic novel for review (thank you).  It has just been published and you can grab a copy HERE.  

I like hard hitting graphic novels and strong women characters.  You've got both in this collection.  This is a mix of past and present and gods and man and good and evil.  There's war going on, one country is always trying to conquer another, and there are traitors in the midst.

When Lady Pendragon takes command, the soldier who wanted the position works with her opposition.  The priest is not who he appears to be.  Lancelot keeps returning to life in other times and dying again.  Mordred is still on the loose.

This is busy series with times mixing together and the legends of the past coming alive again.  It was an interesting read with luscious looking women and buckets of blood.  Graphic novels are just that but they're fun to read.  Give it a try.

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