Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mystery at Blackbeard's Cove by Audrey Penn

Can you imagine being friends with one of the last surviving relatives of Blackbeard, the pirate?  She's a sweet old lady who tells all sorts of tall tales about the pirate and enjoys having the young ones around.  She even makes them Christmas gifts.  So who's to guess just how complicated she would make their lives upon her death?

Tanglewood and Net Galley shared an ebook of this with me for review (thank you).  This book will be published on Halloween and it's a great read for this time of the year.  Put it on your TBR list and get set for a fast ride through an exciting adventure!

Billy is the oldest and strongest.  Daniel is smart.  Stephanie is always talking and arguing.  Mark doesn't speak at all and wears coke bottle glasses.  This foursome is tasked with burying Mrs. Nemish at sea, so she can join the pirates.  Of course, the adults know nothing about this...

This is a busy romp from beginning to end.  The author mixes history, mystery, folk tales and more into the book brew.  She has also has created honest characterizations of young teens and their foibles.  The boys are rough and tough and determined.  Stephanie is so much a whiny girl, I'd have slugged her myself if she was around.  (I was a tomboy, you see.)  She does keep up with the boys, but not without letting them know how she feels about it.

There is supposed to be treasure, but they have had more luck finding skeletons than treasure.

I like how the author inserted a lot of historical facts about Blackbeard.  He was a very interesting character and he makes a great ghost in this story.  She also includes a lot of humor in her tale that makes it an even more enjoyable read.

The story reads fast, flows well, and I'm sure they will be another in this series because there is one more treasure to be found...

Better get reading this one first so you'll be ready for the second in the series!

Happy reading.

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