Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dangerous Magic by Alix Rickloff

She's a witch; he's a pirate.  She's also a healer and that's how she meets Rafe...

Carina Press is publishing this book on Halloween, which somehow seems appropriate.  I got my copy from them and Net Galley for review (thank you).  If you like historical romance with a touch of magic, this book is for you.

Gwenyth has nightmares (or visions of the future) where she sees her loved one die from drowning in a ship accident.  So she has made up her mind not to marry and not to care that much about a man.  However, she has to have a baby to get the girl she needs to carry on her line of healing.  Almost none of her family line has married.  It has not been necessary to have a child.  But she never planned to meet Rafe, either.

Rafe has been a pirate but has money enough to leave that behind him and go back home, as the lord of his own mansion.  He wants a lady on his arm as his wife, but he was betrayed by the one he thought he loved earlier in life.  So he wants Gwenyth to come back home with him and act as his betrothed so she can see them as they truly are and help him find one that would be a good companion for him.  What could go wrong with that?  Lots...

His family doesn't want him, his mother hates his common betrothed, and his old girlfriend is now a widow looking for another man with money.  Gwenyth is uncomfortable because of the conflicts with family and also because she's beginning to care about Rafe too much.  If he falls in love with her, he sentences himself to death...

The author writes a tight, fast paced book with strong characters and offers both of them challenges to face.  I enjoyed this read.  There is a bit of spicy romance included, but it fit the story.  Why not give it a read yourself?

Happy reading.

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