Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Girl Behind the Glass by Jane Kelley

Here's a good Halloween read; it's a story about a haunted house...

Random House Books for Kids sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It has been published, so you can snag a copy to read this Halloween.  (Or you could give it as a treat!)

The twins had to move and they had no desire to do so.  They had their friends, their routines and their city life.  They had no desire to move to rural America.  Unfortunately, their parents did.  With a job change and a new house being built, change was coming.  But they had to move sooner than planned.  The new house wasn't done.  So they moved into a house that had stood vacant for a long, long time.  Rent was cheap, what could happen?  Quite a bit...

The twins grow apart, everybody in the family gets crabby, there's danger about, and there's a ghost not everyone can see.  The ghost wants revenge.  Hannah isn't sure if the ghost is actually there or she's losing her mind.

Ms. Kelley does a good job with her treatment of a traditional ghost story.  It's almost believable.  I've felt ghosts about before so I can accept this story line.  The solution to the ghost's need for revenge is unique and well thought out.  This story was a good read.

If you have a young one that likes reading about the supernatural, this book would be a good one for them.

Happy reading.

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