Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To Have and to Kill by Mary Jane Clark

When the soap opera star on the platform with Glenna working at an fundraising auction drinks from a glass of water she hands him and falls to the floor and dies, Piper isn't sure Glenna is going to live long enough to be married...

HarperCollins will be publishing this book in December.  I got my ebook copy from Net Galley to review.

Subtitle is:  A Wedding Cake Murder

Piper has moved back home since her acting career has not been making her enough money to keep her own place.  When she does, she starts to understand that there is something not quite right about her Mom.  What it is, she isn't sure.  When she finally confronts her, she finds out she has macular degeneration and is losing her eyesight.  

So when Piper impulsively volunteered her mother to make the wedding cake for Glenna, they had a problem.  When Mom suggests Piper make it, she checks with Glenna and then begins planning the cake.  But when murder starts popping up around the couple to be wed, she wonders if they will ever get there.

Ms. Clark gives you no end of suspects.  And when Jack jumps in to help Piper solve the case, romance is in the air.  The plot is well thought out, I was surprised about who the murderer was.  Any book that does that to me is better than the average mystery read. 
You even get the recipe for the buttercream icing at the back of the book, what more could you want?

This cozy mystery was a good read and there will be more in this series.  Look for it in your local bookstore in December and settle in a good chair with a good book for a good read!

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