Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Missing Mabel by Nancy Mehl

Hilde has an interesting job:  she works as a hairdresser for mortuaries and make their clients look nice for viewing.  But what do you do when you realize the person on the table is NOT the person it's supposed to be?

Barbour Books has published this book under its imprint, Hometown Mysteries.  I was lucky enough to download an ebook from Net Galley to do the review.  These books have a Christian theme, but it's not overwhelming and goes well with the tale.

Ms. Mehl had my attention right from the beginning with this premise for her story.  It gets even worse for Hilde when she tries to tell the mortician about it.  He checks, finds no problem with identification and then accuses her of stealing the lady's diamond ring.  It looks pretty damning when it's found in her purse.

It's a good solid mystery with a variety of unusual characters, just like life has.  Hilde and her Mom have a conflict.  Hilde is worried about losing her job, and nobody seems to care where Mabel's body might have gone.  So Hilde has to work on solving the mystery herself.  And she's not the best equipped for this kind of work.

The ending surprised me a bit.  I generally get an idea of who the murderer is, but this time I was clueless.  So it made it even more fun to read.

This is a nice cozy mystery that would be great fun to read by the fire or in your reading chair.  It's available in trade paperback.  Why not check with your local store and get yourself a copy for your reading enjoyment?  Happy reading!

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