Friday, October 29, 2010

The Nightwood by Robin Muller

Never go in the Elf woods at night, you may never return!

This oversized hardcover children's book was provided to me by Tundra Books.  It was first published by Doubleday Canada in 1991, but this anniversary edition is something special.  It is well bound, the illustrations are unearthly, and it would make a lovely gift for a collector.

There is a Celtic tale about Tamlynne, an enchanted knight that the Elfin Queen has captured.  The young daughter of the Earl of March sneaks out when she hears the Elfin music and meets Tamlynne by accident.  It doesn't take long until she falls in love with him.  However, the Elfin Queen's magic keeps him captive in the forest. 

Her parents try to keep her away, but she finds a way to escape - and just in time because the Elves are leaving.  She decides to steal Tamlynne away, but the Elfin Queen and her minions capture her.  Can a mere human beat the Queen in a fight of wills?

This is a classic folktale.  If your child has an interest in fantasy or folktales, they will enjoy reading it.  If you are collector of very nice book editions of a traditional story, this book will work for you, too.

I highly recommend this book for any fantasy enthusiast.  Check it out at your local bookstore.  I bet you'll buy a copy - it will grab you when you open the cover...

Happy reading!

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