Friday, October 29, 2010

because of mr. terupt by Rob Buyea

It's the start of fifth grade and they have a new teacher this year.  But they sure didn't expect one like him!

Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers sent me a hardcover of this story for review.  It's written for ages 9-12 and is currently available at your local bookstore.

This story touched me, it's special.  The seven students all come into class with their own baggage and their own expectations.  Amazingly, Mr. Terupt doesn't respond to them the way teachers have in the past.  He sees more of what they do (and what they don't) and he handles any problems promptly and with unusual techniques.  None of them are quite sure why he doesn't get more upset, or why he allows them more freedoms and more activities, but they sure are starting to enjoy their classes.  And they are learning a lot about each other, too.

When Mr. Terupt is injured in an unfortunate accident and goes into a coma, they learn even more about themselves.  They also learn how much Mr. Terupt has given them by coaxing them to use their strengths.

I had a very special teacher mentor in grade school and another in high school.  Their belief in me made me what I am today (with the help of Mom, my major cheerleader).  Teachers who really care can be a very strong influence on a child.  Mr. Buyea was a teacher himself, and draws on his experience to give you a true look into one classroom.

I'd recommend this book as good for young readers of both sexes.  It demonstrates how your home life and the problems there can influence how you do in school and why you act the way you do.  It's not all peaches and cream, but it is a positive book overall. 

Go check it out at your local bookstore, it's on the shelves now. 

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