Monday, October 11, 2010

The Edge Chronicles The Immortals by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Amazing worlds, even stranger creatures, lots of danger, an eclectic group of adventurers, and away you go an adventure that won't let you rest until the end!

This is a David Finkling Books hardcover and came out on sale September 14th.  Random House sent me a copy for review (thank you).   There are some eye-catching illustrations in the book done by Chris Riddell.

This is the final book in the Edge Chronicles.  It's also the first one I've read, and I can see I missed some very good adventures. 

Nate Quarter is a lamplighter in the phraxmines of the Eastern Woods.  He's pretty sure his father was murdered in the mines and that the mine sergeant is after him now.  When his best friend is murdered in front of his eyes, he begins running for his life. 

There is greed, graft, warring factions, and odd animals and plants in the other worlds.  As Nate travels along, he seems to pick up different solitary folks who need a friend.  Nate can use their strength, various talents and help to progress on his journey.

The story is fast-paced, kept me reading longer than I should have one evening (it's 688 pages long), and I love Mr. Riddel's artwork.  He makes the characters come to life right before your eyes.  I found the storyline well thought out, with lots of turns and twists, and very enjoyable to read.  There are some evil people and practices in the different worlds that you might want to discuss with your young ones if it appears to bother them.  (It may not, but my imagination made them seem ugly.) The story ends well and has some magical elements.  I was pleased with how they how handled it.

They say this is the end of this series, but it's not the end of the story.  Nate and the Professor are going over the edge for more adventures and I expect there may be another series.  If so, I will be reading them.  This type of adventure is fun and great for your imagination.  

It's suggested reading ages are 10-12, but it would work for older readers, too.  After all, I liked it.  Visit your local bookstore and pick up a copy.  I'm sure if you have read the earlier books in the series, you're primed for this one - get a copy! 

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