Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Hole in the Wall by Lisa Rowe Fraustino

All Sebby wanted to do was go hide in his secret glen and get away from his bickering family and the tiny house they lived in.  His older brother had run away, his female twin was no fun, his father was always angry and mean, and while Gram and his Mom were OK, it still wasn't a great place to live.  Then he started noticing strange colors on the cave wall...

This book will be published in hardcover by Milkweed Press in November.  I read the ebook I acquired from Net Galley for review.

This is a fantasy novel that is beyond belief, but it's a great treat for your imagination.  Ms. Fraustino's characters are authentic.  Their problems and their responses are reasonable. 

When Sebby finds a petrified egg in chicken house and the chickens go missing, the adventure begins to heat up.  He lives next to a mining site and there are tunnels all through the site.  Sebby and Barb haven't searched them before, but now there is a reason to do so... 

This is a unique adventure and should give your children some food for thought.  Let them talk about what they are reading and discuss it with them.  There are some interesting concepts in this story.

The ending was unpredictable.  And the story may not be done yet.  There's opportunity for another one in this series if the author chooses to continue the story.  I found the story intriguing.  If your child likes fantasy/adventure and has a good imagination, I believe they will really enjoy reading this book.  Check with your local bookstore in November to get a copy.  Happy reading!

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