Thursday, March 19, 2009

Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells

I've never been into vampires, but this tale grabbed me!

There are vampires, demons, mages, fairies, and more in the cast of characters, and Sabina is vampire assassin. If that doesn't intrigue you, how about the fact that the potential of impending war between the vamps and mages and she's being used as a pawn - first by her own grandmother, and then by others she meets along the way.

I love her demon - he can change shapes and ends up getting stuck as a cat. She tries to fix it and send him home, and he turns into a hairless cat...

It's a very intense read, and has left me anxiously awaiting for the next book to be written. I want to see where this storyline goes.

If you'd like to taste this author and see how you'd like the book, leave a comment here on my blog and send an email to I'll choose a winner and send it on.

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MJ said...

This sounds interesting. I haven't gotten into vampires yet. Maybe this will help!