Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've been listing books every day...

...just like a good bookseller. But then I had a big dry period with no orders and it really depressed me. I have over 6,000 books online, don't tell me you can't be tempted by something I have listed!

But the dry period continued - until this morning. Then I got three orders through Google! That's cool!

I think what happened was that I had to do a purge and replace on my own website to make sure I had the right books listed - somehow the count got off.

I check each time I upload, but sometimes I get busy or don't get the email back or... And it was off. When I removed my books and replaced them, I think it took a bit of time for my books to get indexed again on Google. Sigh...

But they are up now and all systems are go.

I posted a Pelton Water Wheel catalog from 1905 and a Handbook of Practical Mechanics today, along with other interesting books.

Who knows what I'll find to list for tomorrow?

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Debra said...

I hear you. I am also a bookseller and I hate those dry spells. I have about 11,000 books listed, and I get dry spells too. I think it is part of this business, but I still hate them. With the recession I have noticed that sales are down.

I am doing the same as you, listing and listing more books.