Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crocheting isn't going far...

It's been warmer than they predicted and I can't hold yarn on my lap and crochet - makes me hot. And my inspiration for crocheting seems to have dried up. That seems to happen each spring.

My daffodils are all done blooming, my tulips are coming up. The anthuriums next to the house are growing nicely, but bloom later in the spring.

And, my allergy nemesis is spouting catkins like mad - the mulberry tree! Ugh! I have been taking various kinds of over the counter medicine trying to calm my nose down. I get worn out from trying to breath...

We also get winds in the spring here in New Mexico, and you can see clouds of green pollen floating through the air.

I stay inside, keep the doors and windows closed, and wait for the catkins to dry up and fall off the tree.

I was going to take some time off and work on the blanket for my mom, but you can't crochet very well with a kleenex in your hand. And Abebooks who was going to do maintenance on the their computers for three days beginning Sunday has now put it off until next Sunday. Sheesh!

Think I'll just try to get to Mom's blanket and do some more reading for a while. Taking a break from working seven days a week on listing books feels good anyway.

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