Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Horrid Henry Sample

Jabberwocky Kids sent me 10 copies of a one chapter sample of Horrid Henry.

The books will have four separate stories in them - this sample has one story. Horrid Henry is currently the #1 children's series in UK.

April 1st you'll be able to buy Horrid Henry, Horrid Henry's Stinkbombs, Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy, and Horrid Henry and the Mega-Mean Machine. They're written by Francesca Simon.

The story is Horrid Henry's Dance Class. As you might have guessed, Henry does NOT want to go to dance class. He's easily the worst student in the class. Wait until you see what happens!

These are easy to read and Henry is stubborn, headstrong little fella that might resemble someone you have in your household if it holds boys.

I have ten copies to give away, so email me with your name and address at and leave a comment here on the blog. Should have enough for everybody on this one!


Debbie Wells said...

Oh wow!! I came here looking for you JoAnn and I get a book to boot! >wink< I have 3 grandchildren now so this will be wonderful! What a great blog! I visited your website to and it looks so wonderful :)) I was wondering if I could come back to HTFas a member and do some trading with you gals. Stop by my blog to see the cards I would like to trade :) Blessings~ Deb

ConfessionsOfAnOverworkedMom said...

Hi JoAnn - Sounds like something David would enjoy. Thanks for the contest!

Karen (kaccat) said...

I love reading kids' books like these and have niece/nephew-in-laws that would like it, too.

Sue Koran said...

What a neat book!

hannahz said...

we would enjoy trying out Henry as well. thank you.