Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Prosecution Rests edited by Linda Fairstein

My favorite reads are mystery short stories, and this book was fun for me to review!

There are 21 new stories about courtroom fights, legal shenanigans, and even lawyer murder.

In one case, the lawyer planned the death of a husband so he could have the wife - but, instead, there's an ironic ending - I liked it!

Then there's the lawyer who thought he was going to win the luscious wife and the fortune the murdered man left. But when he goes to court to try the case, he finds out the witnesses lied, the accused murder is not what he seems, and the case goes awry. He also finds himself in jail!

None of these stories are boring. They're fast paced and good reading.

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Deb Frabk said...

This sounds like a fun read. I have a dear cousin that is a lawyer. We do tend to pick on them a bit. As always, enjoyed all of your reviews.

Karen (kaccat) said...

Like you, JoAnn, I also enjoy short stories. Growing up, some of my favorites were the "2-minute Mysteries".