Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I feel like I've met a friend...

I only know his name. I don't believe he's still living. I've bought all kinds of books locally that have his name in them - he and his wife appear to have taught children's literature classes. He has all the old classics and some very good children's books choices - that I have bought for either stock or myself.

I took some stock to our local bookstore that takes books/videos/dvds in trade, and then I went shopping in the mysteries. (My favorite read.)

I found a lot of old mysteries, several in Dover editions, and I bought them. After all, with my trade credit, I only pay 5% of the price. So here I buy $116 worth of books for $6.28.... How could I not gloat over my finds?

And, as I work my way through them, I find the same man who had all those marvelous children's books I grabbed, also collected old British mysteries.

I think we could have had fun chatting if I'd met him before I met his books. As it is, when I read one, I imagine him sitting above, grinning that someone else likes his taste in books!

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