Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crochet Thread...

OK, I told you I like to crochet. Can you believe I have one whole under-the-bed container full of crochet thread? And I have another container of specialty threads for unusual projects...

I also have lots of Banana Dazzle Aire yarn, and I need another color or two to go with it for an afghan. Unfortunately, no one makes it anymore. It's like looking for an out-of-print book!

Now I'm sorting other odds and ends in that closet - lots of various things that got "stuffed" when we were moving in.

I think Good Start should give me citizen of the year for donations. I think I have three more pickup fulls to go to them!

And my friends are getting little gifts, too.

What the heck, share the largess!

Downsizing is hard, but I can do it - this is proof.

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