Thursday, September 4, 2008

Any crafters out there?

I have now finished the very back room and have it cleared and ready for storage. I have decided to make it a home for my yarn tubs. I have tons of yarn, love to crochet with it.

But I also have a living room full of yarn. So I am now sorting my tubs, bags, boxes, projects, etc. in back, and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.

I have to downsize because I have a blivet of yarn and need to get it to a more manageable level. I also need to be realistic about how long I think I'll live and not keep stuff that I would need to live to be 200 to complete...

Found some kits to donate, then checked to see how they were priced now - and they're not even available anymore. So I set those aside and I will be eBaying them. I sure hope some folks get in a bidding war on them - I could use the money.

The Good Start guys run out to unload Glen's rig now. He says they love him. I told him, no, they love ME - it's all my stuff I'm donating!

I know they can sell it well, some of it is brand new and still in its wrappings. So I'm sharing with my community, helping the poor, and keeping the handicapped employed. Looks like a win win to me. My house is cleaner, my community healthier.

Today I got almost all of the yarn in back sorted and matched up. Have more to do tomorrow. That might take the rest of tomorrow.

But, by Saturday, I should be able to begin reclaiming my couch in the living room - wow, huh?

Only another crafter/hoarder would understand...

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