Friday, September 5, 2008

Book Review: Something Wickedly Weird The Wooden Mile by Chris Mould

I had the opportunity to "taste" the first book in a new series for young adults (9-12 years). This one was "wickedly" fun to read!

The illustrations are wonderful, almost caricatures, and really add to the story.

Stanley didn't even know he had an elder uncle, and he certainly didn't know he'd inherit his home when he died! To claim it, he had to go live in it, and that's where he adventures started.

He's not even allowed on the island until he proves he owns the property - so his feet get wet while they read the paperwork...

Then he gets warned by a fish about danger (yes, it's dead and stuffed, but it talked to him).

Everyone goes in at night and never comes out again until morning, why he wonders? When he ventures to stay out too long, his caretaker gives a big lecture and tells him he can't do that, but he still wonders...

Soon he manages to make friends with an odd fellow who turns out to be pirate - and has two friends. They are cobblers now (or so they say), but they tell him about the night problem - there's a werewolf in town...

Of course, the pirates have their own agenda and are planning on using Stanley to as a means to get there. Stanley knows he's being used, but thinks he can hold his own.

You need to read the book to see who wins!

The next book in this series will be: Something Wickedly Weird, The Icy Hand.

To me, this looks like a great new series for boys and girls alike - lots of adventure, unusual things happening, and fun illustrations.

If you'd like to have my Advance Reader's Copy, leave a comment and send me an email. I'll have a drawing and send it to the lucky winner!


Brenda said...

What a juicy mystery! I know I'm a little old for the category, (okay, more than a little) but my read-a-holic daughter would certainly enjoy it! I'll show her this entry as soon as she gets home from school. Expect an email!

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting! My daughter is having a hard time reading, but I am trying to find her some interesting books. This sounds like something she would enjoy!


Anonymous said...

JoAnn since I am a big Harry Potter fan and so are my 2 10 yr old grandchildren I would certainly like to test it for them... Thanks


Anonymous said...

As you figured, this book would intrigue even an adult! I know that I'm certainly interested, as it sounds like the kind of book, I like to read to my older daycare kids.... I'll be looking for this author, and this series, in my local bookstore!
Thanks for the great review!

luvbug said...

I am sure that my grandson, Josiah, would like this book. He is a picky reader but likes books with adventure and suspense. I will have to see if I can find it to entice him to read it.