Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Lost, Found, and Forever by Victoria Schade

Justine has a rescue dog she loves.  He does tricks and amazes the folks at her shop.  Then she finds out someone is looking for him...

Berkley and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It is being published today.

She doesn't want to give Spencer up, but she would like to let the man who owned him before that he's OK.  He'd named the dog Leo and he wants to see him.  She agrees to a meeting.  Spencer recognizes him and things are going fine until he says he wants Leo back.  She refuses and leaves.  After all, Spencer is acting in a movie and earning money that she needs to keep her shop.

To be in the movie she has to take him to the set.  Griffin offers to let them stay at his apartment.  He'll be traveling and there will be no conflict.  The better they get to know each other, the mutual attraction keeps growing.  But their life styles are too different.  Best they let it be.  But that doesn't last.

Then he gets a promotion and goes even further away.  Justine sells her shop to her worker who big plans and goes back to movie making.  Will they ever get to be with each other?

My favorite part was the dog...

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