Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Mistletoe Murder: And Other Stories by P. D. James

P D James has always written good mysteries so this opportunity to read some of her short stories ws just too good to be missed.

Knopf and Edelweiss gave me the chance to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published October 25th.

The story I found most intriguing was her memory of a family Christmas where someone died.  This was not fiction.  She thought she knew who had done it but found out years later she was wrong.  It's interesting that she had been around a murder in her real life.

You have a few stories about Adam Dalgliesh, too.  I think the one I like best is the one that reads like an Agatha Christie novel.  I like her work, too.  This is when Adam was young and he's not as seasoned as he was in later books.

I like many books written about simpler times where it took brains to find the culprit.  I appreciate the fact that DNA can prove so much and technology has helped police procedures but they just don't have the charm for me.

These were light stories with tangled facts to keep your attention and make you wonder about how she will end the story.  I liked reading it.  I wonder which story will appeal to you the most? 

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