Monday, September 5, 2016

Guide Me Home by Kim Vogel Sawyer

She's a hill girl.  Their house is small and money is tight.  They raise their own food and all of the children help around the house, garden and animals.  Rebekah's mother is still mourning the death of her son and Reb feels even more guilt because of that.  She was reading and her brother was bothering her.  She told him to get lost and leave her alone because she was reading.  (I have done the same thing with my brother.)  He went into the Mammoth Caves and fell to his death.  Reb feels like she killed him.  The only thing that will make her mother feel better will be a monument on his grave...

This book has been published by Waterbrook and is available now.  I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Rebekah has been raising mushrooms and selling them to the cook at the resort hotel.  They offer tours in the caves and have hotel rooms and cabins.  She asks the cook if she could get a job there.  There's only one opening and that's as a guide.  It always filled by men.  She decides she's going to apply and borrows her dead brother's clothes and her grandfather's hat to hide her hair.  She gets hired after a test tour but she didn't fool Tolly.  He knows she's a girl but she's good in the caves and he carried her brother out so he feels he owes the family something.

The focus of this story is on Rebekah and her growing maturity, but it also features Cissy, her younger sister.  Cissy is heading for trouble.  When she gets lost in the caves, she knows she's found it.  Can they locate Cissy?  Why did she go in the caves?  Will she die like Andy did?

In the background is a budding romance between Rebekah and Devil, a young man mapping the cave system.  He wants to open up the park as an accomplishment for his father so it will help his run for congress.  The locals don't want to give up their land.  Rebekah is a hill girl, he's from a moneyed family and is finishing up college.  What do they have in common except love?

The caves sound truly amazing.  I've visited caves in Washington and Oregon but I'm not comfortable in them.  This one sounds daunting.  No wonder people think they're close to God when they are in them.

This was a very interesting historical romance that I enjoyed reading.  The author ties the story up neatly at the end.  There's a touch of Christianity but it's not overwhelming.  Give it a try and tell me what you think about it.

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