Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Apprentice in Death by J D Robb

It appears to be three random people killed at a skating rink.  The shots were sniper shots from a distance and they were made with an usual gun.  They start the investigation by checking out the victims' background and looking for gun owners...

Berkley sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you.  The book is being published today.

This is the forty-third book in this series.  Eve Dallas is an excellent investigator.  She has good staff, her husband is supportive and has his own set of skills, and she's incensed by the killings.  They were all good people and didn't deserve to die.  

Through various knowledge on the police force and some cool programs her husband created, they are able to find the room they used for the hit.  What they are surprised to find out is that there were two of them.  One older and one younger.  Who was the killer and why take the kid with him?

As this story unfolds, pieces start to tie together.  There was a common pattern here but innocent lives were being lost too.  The next killing ends up with a cop dead and a 17 year old boy dead who was celebrating his birthday that day.  More died and none needed to.

It's a crooked path with lots of odd turns and strange circumstances.  The most chilling thing is to realize the child is the killer.  She also has lots of plans for more murder, beyond what was originally planned.  She's arrogant, feels secure, and is getting even.

Eve feels like she and the girl are not altogether different.  They both had bad childhoods and while Eve went to the right side, this girl has gone to the wrong side.  It takes her husband to ground her and tell that she's not like the killer.  But in her heart, she knows it could have been that path for her if someone hadn't intervened.

There's a considerable amount of police work described in the story.  It's set in the future, so much of it is stuff we haven't see yet.  It's not so far out that you can't imagine it, though.

Ms. Robb (Nora Roberts) never writes a dull book.  This was a bit different because the killers were identified early on.  It was no easy task to find them, though.  They knew the cops would be after them.  All I have to say is that was one nasty kid.  I'm glad it ended the way it did.

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