Sunday, August 21, 2016

How Three Brothers Saved the Navy: The Kare Kids Adventures #3 by Charles A. Salter

Their dad is a Captain in the US Navy so the three boys spend their spare time pretending to be part of the Navy, too.  Twelve year old Matt is a Force Recon Marine in his mind with his siblings holding lesser roles.  One is a soccer player, one is good at judo, and the youngest is a good actor.  Those skills will keep them alive...

Outskirts Press sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It has been published, so you can grab a copy now.

When I was young, my boy cousins liked to play war.  I was never fond of it but I also got bored easily if you wouldn't let me read, so I played with them.  That ended when one of them had to get stitches (his brother jumped on him with a stick).  I could recognize the enthusiasm these boys had for a Recon game.  They were practicing for the future.  They just didn't know the future would come so soon!

They see things happening on the abandoned airbase that shouldn't be.  When they go in to see what's going on, they get close to being caught.  When they think they've escaped, they haven't.

This is written for middle grades and has plenty of action as well as a good plot line.  I especially liked reading about the boys using the skills they had to outfox the bad guys.  At least the good guys didn't get hurt like my cousin did.  They managed to complete their Recon with no stitches.

Boys should love this book.

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