Monday, April 25, 2016

The Lost Compass by Joel Ross

This is the second book in the Fog Diver series and I wasn't about to miss it.  The first one was fantastic and I wanted to know how this troupe of junkyard kids handled the rest of their journey.  This read was just as exciting as the last one!

HarperCollins and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published May 24th.  

Chess is the fog diver and he's managed to stay alive so far.  The driftsharks try to get him but he's just a bit too fast for them.  That doesn't make it any less dangerous...

They are headed for Port Oro where there are no junkyards and the people live free and even have enough to eat.  When they land it's both less than they expected and more than what they expected.  They even have an elevator in the main building.  But the fog is there, too.  They save Mrs. E, but then they want a favor in return.  They want Chess to find the compass that will help eliminate the fog.  To do it, he has go three stories below the building into the deep basement area.  Who knows what lives down there?

Mr. Ross always puts lots of danger in his stories.  People die here and there.  Besides driftsharks, there are tick tocks here.  The bad man is still after Chess.  How can Chess find something when he doesn't even know what it looks like?  No one knows what the compass is...

This is a busy read with loads of action and I enjoyed it even more than the first one.  Mr. Ross writes a great tale and keeps you reading by constantly creating a new challenge for the crew.  That's my kind of book.  I especially liked the ending.  It's very ironic.

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