Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Red's Planet: Book 1: A World Away from Home by Eddie Pittman

This is a graphic novel that is a fun read.  Red doesn't like her foster home and keeps trying to escape.  When she does it for the third time, the cop tells her that now she's going to have to go to a facility instead of another home.  She tries to break out of the car but can't.  When the aliens come to visit, they pick up the classic cop car and take her into space...

Amulet Books sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published today, so you can grab a copy now.

I enjoyed this.  Red is a crabby independent girl who just wants a pleasant place to call home.  It wasn't going well on earth and it's not going any better on the spaceship.  When pirates board the ship it gets even more desperate.  She heads out on the shuttle hoping to stay alive with the others aboard and they end up crashing on a planet.  Their rescue signal works but it could be years before they find them in this unknown location.

She decides to head out on her own for greener ground.  The desert they landed in offers no food or water.  She has to find something.  What she finds are nasty little blue creatures that want to eat her...

She falls into the pool that Goose is fishing in and wants to stay with him.  He says no.

Times are tough, there are enough different species involved to make you wonder how many other worlds they came from, and Goose just wants them to go away.  He's going to be sorry, though.  Red decides to build her own home in the woods not far from him.  His pest isn't going to disappear.

Oh, and by the way, don't call her Red.

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