Friday, April 10, 2015

Saving Justice by Susan Crawford

Justice is just a young black boy who is in Kinley's class.  She's an elementary school teacher with a big heart and she wants all the children who live in this neighborhood to have a chance for a new life with opportunities.  Her goal is to let the childen know she loves them and keep them in class so they can complete their education.  When Justice doesn't come to school for a few days, she goes to visit his home.  She never meant to make any trouble; she just cared.

Redbud Press allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It was published March 24th, so you can download your own copy now where ebooks are sold.

Justice's grandmother won't even speak with her much less let her in the house.  When she finds Justice outside he doesn't have much to say.  But the man next door has plenty to say.  Justice has vandalized his car...

Nash grew up in this neighborhood and fought hard to get out.  He had life made now and was just fixing up the old house his Mom lived in for resale.  He didn't need any do-gooder teacher messing in his life.  He especially didn't need Justice making more messes.  He turns him in to the police and goes about his business.

When the case comes up at court, Kinley is there speaking on behalf of Justice and gets him off on community service.  Somehow she manages to convince Nash that Justice should work for him since he caused his damage.  He knows nothing will change in Justice's life and she should just leave him alone.  But her positive attitude impresses him.  He agrees to let him work off his time there.

Justice gets in more trouble and pretty soon Kinley is in trouble, too.  Nash tries to protect her but she's not willing to listen to him.

This is a Christian based romance with a stubborn man, a good woman and a decent kid as the main characters.  It may be a bit unrealistic but I liked how it ended.  Even one person can make a difference in your life and Junior has more than that to support him.  The romance was very sweet.  I could see happily ever after for Nash and Kinley and I liked that.

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