Friday, April 17, 2015

Dr. Critchlore's School for Minions (Dr. Critchlore's School for Minions #1) by Sheila Grau, Joe Sutphin

Mr. Sutphin's illustrations on the cover made me want this book.  Ms. Grau's story about minions was another draw for me.  I love reading good fantasy.

Abrams Books shared this ARC with me so I could review it (thank you).  It's written for ages 8-12 and it has been published, so check with your local bookstore for a copy.

Runt Higgins is a werewolf.  He hasn't morphed lately but the Cook tells him he needs to mature a bit more before that will happen again.  He's been at this school for a few years and he's hoping to become a junior henchman this year.  He's off to a good start.  He manages to control the Zombies so they don't get out of hand.  It doesn't last though.

There are too many students for the junior henchman class, so they have a competition to see who gets to take it.  Poor Runt has the worst luck.  He spends most of his time rescuing someone else, keeping the school from blowing up and other necessities.  In turn, he fails all the manufactured tests and gets disqualified.

There's sabotage going on at school, something is wrong with Dr. Critchlore, and the new student is acting weird.  Even the security chief is acting strange.  And the only one who seems to care is Runt.

This is a busy story with all kinds of adventures.  When Frank 25 gets upset, his head comes off.  The imps are annoying and love to trick you.  Pismo makes Runt look bad (not that he needs help).  He has to dance with an ogre (wait until you see that illustration) and then he discovers the truth about himself.  He also finds out that he's loved despite the curse on him.

I enjoyed Runt as a character and the creative story Ms. Grau has written.  Young ones should just eat this book up.  Why not get them a copy?

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