Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wild Song by Jane Eagland

She's a young girl, living on an island with her father and Max, his assistant and two house servants.  She's home-schooled, pretty much left to her own devices and she wishes she had more company.  Her father is an inventor and his major achievement was stolen from him, so he won't leave the island.  She must make do with the books that are sneaked into her and her home schooling.  She has no social skills.

Stoke Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this ebook for review (thank you).  It has been published and is available now.  Stoke Books offer books that will help reluctant readers.  They publish them as being good for dyslexic readers.

This story reminds of the old Gothic romance tales of Mary Stewart and Victoria Holt.  The romance isn't much in this story but the old house on the island seems just as dark and mysterious as those old castles did. 

Anna's father gets more and more distant by the day.  The loss of his invention has affected his mind, and he sometimes forgets she's his daughter.  All Anna has to depend on is Max.  When she sees Max trying to shove a drowning boy back in the sea, she decides she must have been mistaken about what she saw.  

When Max bans her from seeing the boy after he's ensconced in the house, she sneaks in and develops a relationship with him anyway.  When she gets caught conspiring with the enemy, Max takes him off the island and back to the mainland to go home.  But that's not all Max took...

The story is not too complex, the characters are straight forward, and Anna is determined to save her father and see Rob again.  It appears there will be a follow up novelette for the completion of the story.  If your young one doesn't want to wait, have them write their own ending.  That can be fun and there could be more than one ending.  Add a little creative writing to their reading and improve their understanding of the written word and its use.

Happy reading.

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