Friday, November 22, 2013

The Dagger X by Brian Eames

Kitto witnesses his father's death and has to flee for his life.  He jumps on a boat heading out to sea to get away and finds himself in even hotter water...

Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this ebook for review.  It was published November 12th, so you can get a copy now.  This is the second in the dagger series and it's full of action and danger.  If you have a young swashbuckler in your home, you'll want to get both books.  They tie together well and give you more of the story of Kitto's life.

I always enjoy stories about pirates.  They're not nice people, they steal, they murder, they fight and they're happy doing it.  I'm not sure what their charm is, but I find their adventures entertaining.

Kitto and a few others are shipwrecked.  His mother is one of the survivors and helps nurse him as he recovers from the loss of his club foot.  While they were swimming for land, Kitto saved Van from the shark, but the shark took his leg.  In the long run, it's probably a good thing because he can walk better without it once he adjusts to a peg leg.

They make a motley crew.  The island is small.  Van sold out his father and he hates him.  His mother is worried about her youngest son she got separated from when she was "traded" to captain of the ship she was on.  There's an Native American Indian slave and a newborn black baby she saved.  They have no food or water.  However, they find a source of fresh water and have plenty of turtles to eat.  They will survive.

Unfortunately, the island they are on has the nutmeg his father and uncle had stolen from Harry Morgan, so Morgan will be showing up again soon.  If he finds them, he will kill them.

The first group to reach them is another batch of pirates who have lost their ship and looking for land.  They look as dangerous as Morgan, but they decide to work with the survivors instead of killing them.

Harry Morgan was a real pirate; the Nanny that helps slaves escape on Jamaica was real.  With a few facts from history, this story has a ring of authenticity along with the great fictional adventure.  I really enjoyed the read and will be awaiting the next book.

Be sure to watch out for the pet alligator X has; it's deadly.

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