Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch

He's a thief, a very good thief.  And he'd already met his love even though he was only a child.  He can't steal her heart, he has to win it...

Del Ray Spectra and Net Galley allowed me to read this ebook for review (thank you).  The book has been published, so check with your local bookstore for a copy.

This story contains two tales:  one of Lock Lamora as an orphaned child being trained to thievery and one of Lock with his partner Jean later in life.  They are still into trickery and thieving but do it at a higher level now.

I hate stealing.  Taking someone else's money or goods is no way to live.  But I sure relish reading stories about thieves.  I enjoy reading about their sneaky ways, acting ability, and the subtle way they can change opinions in a crowd just by acting in a particular way.  Misdirecting people, pretending to be what you are not, and escaping at the last minute is exciting reading, you know.

Lock is an interesting creature.  He doesn't remember anything about his family.  His family now is Jean.  He's searching for Sabetha and he's been poisoned and will most likely die.  What no one expected was that a mage would attempt to heal him magically.  Her price is to ensure who wins the election.  Surely bringing in new voters and bribing those on the fence to vote on their side shouldn't be too hard to do, right?  That's true, but Sabetha is on the other side; this turns into competition.  He still wants to express his love and get closer to her.  They are both trying hard to win.

This is a very complex story with several subplots.  It will keep you reading for a while and keep you thinking about it longer.  There will be another in this series.  Locke hasn't found his niche yet.

Happy reading.

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