Monday, October 21, 2013

The Big Chihuahua: A Barking Detective Mystery #3 by Waverly Curtis

Pepe is back in another adventure and this time the group of believers they are investigating believe that he is able to channel Dogawana, their "god".  Can things get weirder?  Yes, people start dying...

Kensington Books sent me an ARC of this story for review (thank you).  It has been published, so check with your local bookstore for a copy.  There were two earlier books in this series if you want to start at the beginning.  This book is easily read as a stand-alone if you don't.

Ms. Curtis writes light cozy mysteries.  There's enough plot and tension to keep you reading and they're a pleasant read.  I like to read them between "heavy" stories or non-fiction.  They entertain me and Pepe makes me smile.

In this story, a man reports his wife is missing and she's taken his money.  When Geri finds she has joined a religious group at a retreat, she signs up to go for a weekend tour as a potential new client.  What happens is the female "big enchilada" of the group picks Pepe as a good replacement dog for her show.  Pepe likes the attention but he doesn't want to leave Geri.

It seems that people are buying their way through the levels of power and leadership in the group.  Does that sound like a scam to you?  It gets worse when someone tries to get their money back; they end up dead.

Mix in Geri's boyfriend, a pair of wolves, and more than one devious plan being carried out and you have the basis for this story.  Ms. Curtis somehow ties all this altogether to make a complete tale.  Why not settle down in your reading chair with a cup of coffee or tea and see how Pepe handled this new adventure?

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