Sunday, October 27, 2013

Midnight Frost: A Mythos Academy Novel 5 by Jennifer Estep

Since Gwen has been proclaimed the Nike's champion and just barely survived a murderous attack, she has all kinds of body guards.  There are those outside, the ones inside, and someone is always traveling with her.  Yet, as she takes a break on the second balcony of the library, she sees a student add something to the bottles of water she and the librarian are drinking.  She tries to stop the librarian from drinking any and chases the Reaper, who commits suicide.  Unfortunately, the librarian had a drink and is now poisoned...

Kensington Books sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  You can purchase it now at your local bookstore.  This is the fifth book in this series and you should read the others first to understand who Gwen's enemies are and why she and Logan are estranged.

Even though Gwen and her protectors know the flower that will cure the Librarian is found in just one place and the Reapers will be waiting for them there, they are willing to fight to save a member of Mythos Academy.

This book was more about relationships and had a bit less action than previous stories.  That actually made me like it more.  I enjoyed getting to know the characters and watching Gwen turn into a warrior of her own.

I'm already wondering where the next book will go and looking forward to reading it.  Gwen and Logan aren't done yet.

Happy reading.  

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