Monday, October 14, 2013

The Outcasts by Kathleen Kent

She's a prostitute; he's a new Texas Ranger.  Their stories are separate, but they intertwine.  This is not a love story.

Little Brown and Company and Edelweiss allowed me to read this ebook for review.  It was published at the end of September, so you can pick up at your local bookstore now.

Lucinda has fits.  She was incarcerated in a mental asylum earlier in life, but she escaped.  The fact that her next stop was at a boarding house that served as a brothel was still an improvement.

Nate is young and has plans to do the right thing and keep everyone safe.  The two older marshalls he's working with have decided that, in some cases, it's best to take the direct route to justice.  This bothers Nate.

When Lucinda meets a man that isn't afraid when she has a fit, she thinks he's the man for her.  He's really a man not fit for anyone, but it's nice to have hope for a change.

Nate finds his marshall friends may have a point when they are travelling across country with no friends and plenty of enemies.  Sometimes swift justice comes from the end of a gun.  Nate also discovers the two lawmen have a connection to each other that's not apparent.  The more he learns, the more complex the case becomes.  

The end of the book has an even more ironic twist.  It's the perfect tie to the end of a story filled with life and death.  Life goes on...

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