Monday, July 15, 2013

Defective by Joan Hall Hovey

When Melanie wakes up in the hospital, she's blind.  She had been driving to work when she got hit by a van, and now she can't see...

The author and Goddess Fish Blog Tour shared a copy of this ebook with me for review (thank you).  You can pick up a copy of it anywhere ebooks are sold.

Melanie takes this loss in stride.  She can do nothing about it, so she adjusts her life to fit it.  She can only give the detective a vague description of the van because it seemed to come out of nowhere and he's concerned for her.  He's worked with her on a previous case, and he's fond of her.

When disabled women begin dying and Matt discovers there seems to be a pattern to these deaths, he begins to worry about Melanie.  He gets even more concerned when she decides to open a home office.  Melanie is sure she can protect herself because she now has a dog and she also has a receptionist.  She won't be alone with anyone.  But she forgets to use her own good sense...

This is a fast paced story with psychological overtones.  I was getting worried about Melanie before I got to the end of the story.  The author was good at making me care about her characters.

It's a good read, why not get yourself a copy and see what you think?

Also, the author is giving away a prize.  You need to leave comments on the blog posts to be eligible.  Joan will award one randomly drawn commenter a $50 gift certificate for sunglasses at Sunglasses Shack (US/Canada only).

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Happy reading.


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