Sunday, July 7, 2013

Charming by Elliott James

John's mother died during his birth and he was raised to be a demon/paranormal killer.  He was good at his job, had pride in the Knights he served and was well respected.  Then someone found out a secret from the past and he was suddenly one of the hunted...

Orbit Books/Hachette Book Group and Net Galley allowed me download a copy of this ebook for review.  The book will be published September 24th, so watch for it at your local bookstore.

John is now working in a small bar with a low profile.  He does really well as a bouncer, keeps to himself, and he hopes to be able to stay for a while.  He's ready to run if he needs to.  All seems fine until a vampire and a statuesque blonde walk into the bar.

John is working under an assumed name, so when the blonde calls him by his real name, he knows he's got a problem.  Of course, the vampire is trying to kill him, so it's not the only problem he's got.

This is a war.  The vampires intend to take over and they have a very intelligent vamp leader.  Beyond that, John has joined a team where three of them wouldn't mind seeing him dead.  Life is filled with danger everywhere and John is fighting his paranormal side.  He wants to be human, not were.  Fighting his werewolf side, vamps on both sides, and trying not to love the blonde, he's got his work cut out for him.

There is a lot of violence in this story.  It's full of action that keeps your attention and Mr. James has thought out the fight scenes and keeps them authentic.  The romantic interest between the blonde and John is dangerous because her current lover is a centuries old vampire.

The ending bothered me a bit until I realized it was most likely ended that way to set it up for a sequel.  I was surprised by it.  Let me know if you saw that coming; I didn't.

Happy reading.

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