Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Death of a Coupon Clipper by Lee Hollis

Who would have thought that couponing could be life threatening?

Kensington Books sent me an ARC of this book for review (thank you).  It will be published this month, so keep your eye for the new one in this series.

Hayley has learned how to be extra efficient with coupons.  She has to, her income isn't great and she's raising two growing kids that love to eat.

When her garage roof collapses and totals her car and the furnace goes out, she's forced to look for extra money.  She tries to get a draw on her check, talks to her Mom, and knows there is no hope to find $10,000 on the sidewalk.  Especially not in all that snow.  But when a reality TV program comes to town and is going to do a show on couponing, she might have a chance!

The problem is that she's not the only one in town that's good with coupons.  Her friend, Mona, is another champ at it.  And a lady she hasn't liked since high school is also excellent at and very aggressive.  How could she beat Candace?  Soon that's a moot point because someone has killed Candace...

A fun touch in this story is the cat from hell.  When an old lady Hayley knows ends up in the hospital, she offers to care for the cat.  The cat hates everybody and makes Hayley and her brother's life ugly.  Poor Randy, he was just rescuing Hayley from her cold home and now he's got a cat ruining his place.

The murderer is unexpected, a coupon is a clue, and there is lot more going on in this story.  It's not boring, parts of it are funny, and it's almost as weird as life usually is.  I enjoyed it.

Happy reading. 

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