Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Flame in the Mist by Kit Grindstaff

She lives in a world of mist and never sees the sunshine.  She's not even sure what it looks like...

Delacorte Press sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It has been published so check with your local bookstore for a copy.

Anglavia is a dark place, in more ways than one.  Jemma has always felt like she didn't really fit in there and not just because she had red hair.  They rejoiced in evil and she could not make herself find pleasure there.  When she decides to leave before her birthday, she begins to find the depth of their evil.  They had plans to make her the next sacrifice at their festival.  They had bones hidden in secret passages.  They had secrets she didn't want to know.

When she steals her mother's pendant and finds her way out of the castle, she learns the mist can confuse her and mislead her.  Getting away is not easy.  Fearing the hunters and their dogs, she does what she must to stay alive.

This story is action packed, has a lovely young heroine who wants to save the land and the people (if she lives long enough) and ghosts and magic are involved.  I enjoyed this fantastic fantasy tale; it's not just for young adults.  

If you want to take a walk on the dark side of the world and don't mind a few dead people, this is a good read for you.  It's also a battle between good and evil and you don't know which way it's going to go until the end of the story.  Are you brave enough to read this?

Here's the link to the trailer for the book:  Flame in the Mist
That should tweak your interest!

Happy reading.

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