Friday, June 14, 2013

Survival Skills: Stories by Jean Ryan

What do a young greyhound who has refused to run and a young woman who's hiding from life have in common?  The one who loves them both.

Library Thing and Ashland Creek Press shared this ebook with me for review.  It has been published and you can get it at any place that carries ebooks. 

If you like raw, gritty stories, this short story anthology is for you.  This author understands how fragile relationships can be and how wounded people can attach themselves to animals or a function just to remain sane.  Most of her characters are lesbian if that should matter to you.

I like her plain talk and her insight.  These are not cheery stories, but they are believable life stories.  My favorite story was the very first in the book, Greyhound.  If you have done any work with feral or abused animals, you'll recognize the small steps it took to develop the animals trust.  Sometimes those same techniques work with humans.

Happy reading.

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