Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bone Quill by John Barrowman, Carole E. Barrowman

Matt and Emily are Animare; they can draw a picture and make it come to life.  It's a magic power and it can be both exciting and dangerous...

Alladin and Edelweiss allowed me to download an ebook of this story for review.  It will be published July 9th, so check with your local bookstore for a copy then.

Long, long ago an old Monk told the tale of good versus evil by writing it in The Book of Beasts with a bone quill.  The magical children have descended from him and must recover these artifacts to keep the world as it is.  While the evil was sent into the Hollow Earth, it is still trying to escape.  The power hidden within tempts the twins' father.  He is "bound" to stop him from using the twin's power when they are three.  His father and wife do it because they must; the father's too dangerous.

When the twins travel through time, they set events into place for change in history.  Trying to fix the problems, they create more.  And when they get separated, Matt sets his Dad free to save Emily.  How will all this turn out?

This was an interesting read with some different concepts being explored.  I found it intriguing but was a bit disappointed to see that you have to read the next book to see how it all works out.  There is lots of action.  I liked Emily better than Matt; Matt tended to be a bit self-centered.  The chase at the end had me sitting on the edge of my chair.  

Are you ready to on a dangerous adventure through time and back again?  Then you'd better get this book!

Happy reading.

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