Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shrapnel by Stephanie Lawton

Can you imagine being able to hear cannon fire from the past?  Foreseeing your brother's death?  Being overcome by the overload of emotions of other people?  No?  Well, meet the three young teens in this story and you have all these "talents" and more in one place.

As part of Evernight Teen’s Summer Kick-off Blog Hop, the author shared an ebook of her story with me (thank you).  You can find it now at at the usual sites (Amazon, B&N, AllRomance ebooks) and the website

Dylan is young woman who carries a chip on her shoulder.  Her father left her mother when he found her with another woman, and now the whole school thinks Dylan is a lesbian, too.  Hearing and seeing things she doesn't want to experience makes her even more odd.  This TV show special is supposed to help her learn how to deal with her skills and help her get rid of the ghost occupying her bedroom.

Jake is an emotional mess if he gets into a crowd or a high stress situation.  He also is a healer.  He needs to be able to protect himself somehow. Ashley saw her brother's death but was too scared to tell anyone about it.  Now she's carrying a good-sized guilt complex and is still is fearful of what else she might see.

The show hosts intend to show them how to see the ghosts around them and how to deal with them.  They also show them how to create a shield around themselves.  But they weren't aware of how just dangerous the ghost in the home they are occupying for the weekend could be.  Or that there could be more than one...

I was impressed by the way this author presented the story.  It's fantasy but she's makes it believable.  She also twists the tale enough that you can't be sure what's going to happen.  I found myself rooting for one character and then changing to another one.  Everyone in this book has their challenges to deal with and I empathized with them all due to the author's talent.

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Happy reading.

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