Friday, May 17, 2013

Close My Eyes by Sophie McKenzie

Gen just cannot move on from the death of her stillborn deformed baby eight years ago.  She know it was delivered, her husband Art saw her and cried grievously, but Gen still feels that loss and sometimes thinks the child may still be alive...

Simon and Schuster UK sent me an ARC of this book for review (thank you).  It's being published this month, so check with your local bookstore for a copy.

At first, I thought perhaps Gen was a bit touched in the head from the loss of her child.  She seemed to be too focused on the past and not capable of moving on.  Then a stranger appears on her doorstep and tells her that her baby didn't die.  It was spirited out of the hospital to someone else.  Dare she believe them?  How could this happen?  And why would the doctor, her husband, and the nurses do something like this?

This is a really, really creepy story.  What was done, why it was done, and how it will impact her life in the future is gritty and mean.  Witnesses die and people disappear.  It has to do with family, money, and the ultimate power of big money.  It turns a lot of Gen's life into a lie.  And while her quest for the truth ruins her life, it also opens a new life with new opportunities.

The ending whacked me up the side of the head; I did not see this one coming.  The epilogue sent chills up and down my body.  Why don't you read it and see what you think?

Happy reading.

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