Monday, November 5, 2012

Tweet the Police by Ellis Drake

When I was invited to review this short story, I was intrigued by two things.  One was the premise of the story:  A tweet used to notify police of murder.  The other was the location:  It's set in northeast New Mexico and I live in New Mexico, so that appealed to me.  I also use Twitter a lot and tweet messages to people all over the globe.  I wanted to see how the author worked this in to her story.

This is an ABG Reads Book Tour and I want to thank ABG and the author for sharing this story with me.  You can get your own copy here:  Buy Links

Rick thought being a deputy in this small town would be pretty dead.  So when their local pest, Mrs. P., comes motoring in with another cause for them, he's not expecting much more than her other picky observations.  He's amazed when she says she's come to report murder.  Even more surprised when she tells him she knows because of messages she got on Twitter.  A tweet saying the person is dead?  How does a dead person send a tweet?  And why would they tweet a stranger?

This is a short story that is done well.  You pick up the small town flavor; everyone is pretty well laid back and easy going.  But murder gives the town a different taste.  Rick, Mrs. P, and her granddaughter work together to determine where the tweets came from.  The technical aspects are explained well.

I enjoyed the story and the characters.  For 99 cents, here's a good short story that will fill in a boring spot and make you smile.  How can you go wrong?

Happy reading.  


A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

Thanks for being a part of the tour!!

Shan said...

so does this mean that every police force has a hashtag? Interesting...we have all heard of 9 1 1 never thought about being able to text.