Monday, November 19, 2012

The Scorpions of Zahir by Christine Brodien-Jones

Zagora Pym has always wanted to be a desert explorer like her father but didn't know if she would ever get the chance.  Then, out of nowhere, her father gets a letter from his old partner, Pitblade Yegen.  Yegen was thought to be dead, but he's not!  So Zagora, her dad and her brother all take off to go visit Pitblade and find out where he's been all these years...

Delacorte Press sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  This book has been published, so check with your local bookstore for a copy.

Zagora, her astronomy obsessed brother, and her father travel to Morocco and get ready to head out in the desert.  Their first quest is to find a guide, but no one wants to take them where they want to go.  After all, that area has been taken over by giant scorpions.

This story caught my attention intially for two reasons.  First, we have scorpions here in New Mexico; second, we also have oryxes.  They are not the same breed, but they are a magnificent animal.  They protect their family and defy anyone who gets near them and they are very proud animals.  I could relate to the wildlife in this story.

There are a lot more real as well as make believe animals in this story and that makes the tale even more dangerous.  Not everyone wants Mr. Yegen alive; the animals track them; and it will be a fight to the finish.

I really enjoyed this read.  The author has written an action packed story set in another part of the world.  She keeps the suspense going until the end of the story and Zahir is a engaging character.  She does what she needs to, develops some pride in her brother by watching him respond to the desert and danger, and she doesn't get discouraged or give up. 

Here's the Book trailer

Watching this will give you a taste of the world you'll visit in this story.  It's a very good read, why not immerse yourself in the desert of Morocco.  Just make sure to have a cool drink next to you.

Happy reading.     

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