Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alice in Wonderland by Rod Espinosa

Rod Espinosa does wonderful graphic work.  I had read and reviewed his rendition of A Christmas Carol and really enjoyed it, so I was looking foward to seeing how he handled Alice.  He did well at this story, too!

Dark Horse Comics and Diamond Book Distributors and Net Galley allowed me to read an ebook of this story (thank you).  It will be published February 19, 2013, so make a note on your TBR list.  You won't want to miss it.

I've never read the original Alice in Wonderland.  Of the bookdealers I know, half have and love it.  The other half did and hated it.  I have read several abridged versions and find those easy to read and relate to.  I think I'll just stick with that.

This is delightful tale.  Mr. Espinosa creates the most whimsical creatures to showcase this well known fantasy.  The Cheshire cat is always my favorite.  I really enjoyed how he portrayed Alice.  She's not all that brilliant, sometimes she's cross-eyed, and it's easy to see how she could get caught up in this adventure.  Her smart mouth is what gets her in trouble.  I probably wouldn't have fared any better there.

It's an amusing, fun read with super fine graphics.  Why not tempt your young reader with this tale and see if they are drawn into the classic fantasy?  If so, there are lots of other renditions of this story to learn more about Alice and the strange creatures of Wonderland.

Get a copy yourself and fall down the rabbit hole with Alice.  You'll enjoy it.  By the way, the Mad Hatter looks a bit like Jay Leno...

Happy reading.    


Shan said...

Does he change the story? when you said you enjoyed his first book and wanted to see what he did with this one...just wondering. I did read and even had Alice in Wonderland Disney book where it was two in one, one on one side, flip over and another on the other side but life in a house full of kids, have no idea what became of them. How now I wish I had kept them.

Jo Ann Hakola said...

He changed Scrooge from male to female, but this story stays pretty close to the original story line. Just a bit abbreviated, which worked for me.