Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Whisper of Legends by Barbara Fradkin

This is an Inspector Green mystery.  I hadn't tasted this author's work before, so I was looking forward to this read.  It's a good one.

Edelweiss and Dundurn allowed me to download this ebook and read it for review (thank you).  The book will be published in April, 2013, so make a note on your TBR list.

Inspector Green is a divorced man who has re-married and is in the process of raising a new family.  He dearly loves his daughter, Hannah, and misses her since she moved back with her mother.  He's beginning to worry about her since she went on a white water canoe trip in the Northwest territories.  When he calls his ex-wife to get an update, he finds out she started at the headwaters; that's more dangerous yet.  And then he finds out she didn't go with a guide...

Both his father instincts and his cop instincts awake at that knowledge.  His daughter has lied to him.  Not directly, but she knows he wouldn't have liked what she was doing.  When she doesn't return as scheduled, he goes up after her.  He can't ask the RCMP's to help because it's in the park, but he does take his cop friend with him. 

The park rangers aren't concerned.  If someone needs help, there are lots of way to signal.  The party has a satellite phone with them, they probably just decided to explore.  Green's concerns are brushed aside.  At least until they find they first body...

This is a well told tale set in the wilderness and populated with greedy characters who do not hesitate to kill.  The plot is fascinating, some of the tale is explained in old letters, and the protagonist isn't identified until the end.  There's plenty of action, plenty of danger, and it will keep you glued to the story.

This was my first visit with Inspector Green, but it will not be my last.  I enjoyed reading a mystery set in Canada and I enjoyed the story Ms. Fradkin wove.  Why not get a copy yourself and give it a try?  You can always start with her earlier books while you wait for this one to come out.

Happy reading.     

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Shan said...

Definitely adding this to my to be read list. I too love the fact that it is in Canada but also how is cop instinct kicks in and when no one will help him he keeps moving forward knowing something is wrong. Can't wait for this to come out, and thanks for a great review!!