Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tallulah Louise & The Terrible Sneeze by Shawda Blake

I could relate to the little girl in this book.  I wanted a pet really, really badly when I was a little girl.  My parents didn't want one (they knew who would end up taking care of it) and I was petless for a long time.  Then Uncle Bill came for my birthday and brought me a puppy.  Life was better...

Ms. Blake sent me an ebook of this story for review (thank you).  You can purchase a copy on Amazon now.

Emma Marie has begged for a pet for some time.  Her mother wants her to have a neat one that doesn't make any noise.  That's hard to find!  But Emma Marie keeps looking and asking.  She knows there must be one out there somewhere.

The illustrations are low key and simple and give you a homey feeling.  You need to pay attention to the small touches, though.  One of my favorite parts is the pet shop where squeaky wheels are sold along with another piece of equipment Mom complained about.  The illustrator has a sense of humor.

This is a cute, enjoyable book for a young one and will even give you an answer to what animal fits the bill for a "silent" pet.  You'll also learn why Mom can't hear it.

Give it a try.  It'll make you and your little one smile.

Happy reading.     


Shan said...

This definitely sounds like a book my neighbor's little girl would like. Do you know if it is available in paperback?

Jo Ann Hakola said...

It's not, Shannon. But if the author gets enough requests for it, she might arrange to print it.

Shawnda said...

It is available in paperback on!


Shawnda Blake

Jo Ann Hakola said...

Thanks, Shawnda!